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I.P.D. S.r.l.
Via XXV Aprile, 36 - 96011 Augusta (SR) - Italia
Tel.: +39 0931 994810 - Fax: +39 0931 994813
E-mail: info@ipd-italia.com - Web: www.ipd-italia.com
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IPD Augusta - FAG official Distributor in Sicily


Our company, founded in 1987 by the current President, has focused its business in the field of industrial distribution of mechanical spare parts for the leading petrochemical Companies in the industrial Sicilian and National areas.
The Corporate Headquarters is located in Via XXV Aprile 36, Augusta (SR) - ITALY, with its highly qualified engineers and technicians, who manage a warehouse of 3000 sqm extension.

To guarantee and protect the quality of the services reserved to the Customers, the Company, starting from November 1998, has adapted its internal system to the strict rules established by UNI EN ISO according to new standards of ISO9001: 2015.

The I.P.D. Ltd. Sells its materials throughout the Country with offices in Augusta (SR), and is able to offer its technical and commercial expertise throughout the Country.

Our company is a leading distributor for Sicily of the following products

The mission of I.P.D. Ltd. Is::

Supply and management of industrial components ensuring its customers quality products, controlling the technical and economic value.

In a few years, I.P.D. Ltd. Has improved its organization, receiving by the market a growing appreciation: the commercial sector is dedicated to specific solutions for customer, the services sector offers successfully servicing contracts in the petrochemical industry.

Within a few years I.P.D. Ltd. Becomes a structure of about 8 persons, distributed among three divisions: services, industry and technical assistance sector.

The well-established presence of I.P.D. Ltd. In commercial distribution in the industrial sector of Sicily, has led to outperform the competition getting more and more the role of leaders in Sicily.

Our offices::